Concert At The Nest

by Michael Charles

Released 10/17/2015
Moonlight Label
Released 10/17/2015
Moonlight Label
Concert At The Nest is a culmination of eleven live tracks recorded at one of Michael Charles' final performances in Australia before moving to the USA.
The year was 1989, the place was the infamous Falcons Nest in Melbourne Australia, the man on stage was Michael Charles, and the audience was reeling in all his energy as he gave up one of his last concerts of the decade, and more notably, one of his last performances in his homeland before embarking on a new continent and the latest episode in his musical pilgrimage.
The significant recording by Greg Williams and Daniel Desire of Dex Audio in Australia on a simple two track machine testifies to the implausible talent of these engineers. There was no returning to the studio for edits. No remix was done. No overdubs. No tweaking.
But over a quarter of a century later Greg was called upon to master the recording and you will hear the music exactly the way the audience did that very night. The album is packed with live blues, live rock, and live ballads performed live and with an innocence, an integrity, and the never ending drive of a now radically determined Michael Charles.
These are many of the songs of Michael Charles we’ve come to love and listen to from his stages today, from the turntables, from the CD players, from the radio, from the ipods. Now… go back to 1989… and attend the” Concert At The Nest”!

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