Connected [2 CD Set]

by Michael Charles & Magisty

Released 2010
Moonlight Label
Released 2010
Moonlight Label
Fiery blues rock and the passionate, significant rhyme of hip hop artist, Magisty. Connected’s tracks represent so many genres that the promise is: every listener will find something to “connect” to.
The union of Newmarket Music’s and Moonlight Label’s recording artist, Michael Charles and Chicago’s Hip Hop artist, Magisty has produced, Charles 24th release. “Connected”: a fusion of Charles accomplished, intense, blues guitar, Magisty’s fresh, passionate rhyme, and the songwriting abilities of the two brings together blues and hip hop, experience and innocence, roughness and refinement, to create an album unlike any you have ever heard before, and most likely, will ever hear again!
Music audiences across the spectrum and across the globe will find themselves connected.

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  • Dec 15
    Czars 505,  St. Joseph
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  • Dec 29
    Mamie's,  Milwaukee
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    Tracy's Tavern,  Clarendon Hills
  • Jan 12
    Olive Black Martini and Wine Lounge,  Richmond

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