Recall [Compilation]

by Michael Charles

Released 2009
Moonlight Label / Newmarket Music
Released 2009
Moonlight Label / Newmarket Music
Released in the USA in 2009 under Moonlight Label and Newmarket Music, Australia, "Recall" is Michael Charles' first compilation album in the USA.
Work So Hard*
Passion Without Love
So Much Of Me In You
Started Again (Informal Rehearsal Version)*
Picture In My Head
My Shadow
Live Television Interview (Excerpt)*
Crawling On The Floor
Hard Days And Long Nights (Part 1, 2 & 3)
She's My Woman
Long Way To Go
Sunshine Lady*
Miss My Kiss
My Lady (Acoustic Version)**
Without Your Love (For Company) (Edit)**
Play A Simple Tune (Original Demo 1983)*
Play A Simple Tune / Theme From Come Melodia (2003 Version)*

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