The Wind

by Michael Charles

Released 1989
Moonlight Label
Released 1989
Moonlight Label
With tracks filled with music from a sensitive and changing time and each one a beautiful story, the audience will definitely be introduced to a new and wonderful aspect of Michael and His Music.
"The Wind" was released in 1989 in Australia. This LP vinyl was another project Charles co-produced with Greg Williams of DEX AUDIO, Melbourne Australia
"Everlasting Love" was written in the hospital as Michael visited his grandmother during her last couple hours of life.
The very moving lyrics are based upon her final thoughts to her beloved grandson. The tracks "Trouble", "Feel the Magic", "Long Way to Go", and "All the Dreams and All the Past Times", were songs which appeared on the album "Try Another Key" but because of dissatisfaction with his former record company Charles chose to re-record them and his intention is to re-record the rest of "Try Another Key" in the future.
This release is available on vinyl, audio cassette, and also on CD which was re-released for the United States in 1996 with two bonus cuts.

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