Try Another Key
1985 Vinyl Album Release
Without Your Love (For Company)
1985 Vinyl EP Release
 Home Through The Streets
1986 Vinyl Album Release


The Wind
1989 Vinyl Album Release
Hard Days & Long Nights
1990 CD Compilation Release
My Shadow
1996 CD Album Release


The Wind [Expanded]
1996 CD Album Release
Crawling On The Floor
1996 CD EP Release
Keep Walking
1999 CD Album Release


Simple Day Living
2000 CD Single Release
MC Shuffle
2002 Promotional CD Single 
I'm Nobody's Fool
2006 CD Album Release 


Home Through The Streets [Expanded]
2008 CD Album Release
2009 CD Compilation Release
2010 CD Album Release


My Shadow [Expanded]
2010 CD Album Release
 After Midnight
2011 CD Single Release
 Going Down
2012 CD Single Release


 Crosscut Saw
2013 CD Single Release
Hey Joe
2013 CD Single Release 
 Cover Tunes 
2013 CD EP Release


Three Hundred Sixty
2014 CD Album Release
Why Am I Here?
2014 CD EP Release
Concert At The Nest
2015 CD Album Release


Coming Back Home
2016 Digital Single Release
2017 CD Album Release
I'm Nobody's Fool
2017 CD Album Release / DVD


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    Mangy Moose,  Teton Village
  • Jan 25
    The Celt Pub & Grill,  Idaho Falls
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    The Green Pig Pub,  Salt Lake City
  • Jan 27
    Funk 'n Dive Bar,  Ogden

Coming Back Home (music video 2016)

The Tune (Shaw TV Kanagan 2017)